All Herbal Incense Blends are DEA Compliant as of 03-1-11

The following have been tested and do NOT contain any illegal substances.

Wicked Herb Ganja
Wicked Herb Summit
Wicked Herb Cloud 9
Wicked Herb Cosmic
Wicked Herb Pink
Wicked Herb Tropical Haze
Wicked Herb Kush Berry
Wicked Herb Wicked X
Wicked Herb Sexy Puppy

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K2 Incense Where to buy herbal incense. customers say smoking the herbal blend for them is equal to drinking a glass of wine for others, and he is not breaking the law. “With these particular products, it gives an alternative to still be law abiding citizens and function in society just fine.”

Wicked herb has spent over 250,000.00 in research and marketing. To provide customers with not only the best but also a reliable product.

A special agent with the DEA, says the DEA considers K2 Ganja and K2 Sexy Bitch “a drug of concern,” though it has thus far not pushed to outlaw it. Right now, the DEA is just trying to collect data on what’s in K2 blends.

The cannabis-like chemicals appear on the Drug Enforcement Administration web site as a “drug and chemical of concern.”

That may be due to its improper use. Wicked Herbs K2 Ganja, K2 Sexy Bitch and products like it are marketed as an herbal incense… key word being incense. It’s meant to be burned, not smoked. There are natural herbal smoking blends for that.

Since the drug is not federally regulated, it dodges traditional drug tests. “It’s not being caught, it’s slipping underneath the radar,”.

Kansas is the first state to outlaw herbal incense blends like K2. 

Wicked Herb hopes legislators in think carefully before banning herbal incense blends like K2. “Please do not criminalize it, regulate it and enjoy the tax dollars,” he says.

Experts say the only way to detect the synthetic marijuana-like chemical is a blood test given shortly after it’s smoked. The National Center for Drug Free Sports is developing a test to easily detect the cannabis-like chemical in NFL and NCAA athletes.

 K2 Ganja, K2 cloud 9, K2 Summit and dozens of other currently legal “herbal incense” products are spiked with powerful designer drugs — and they don’t show up in drug tests.

As early as 2004, this type of product began appearing for sale on the Internet and in head shops in Europe. By 2008, sales throughout Europe soared; U.S. and Canada sales took off in 2009.

Package labels feature psychedelic art and claim that the contents are a mixture of various herbs. But unlike smoking the herbs listed on the label, smoking the products produces effects similar to those of marijuana, hashish, and other forms of cannabis.

“Hospitals in Europe began to report instances where a person appeared with all the symptoms of cannabis intoxication, but their drug screen was negative,”

What drugs are in Wicked Herbs products?

Initial tests of K2 Ganja and similar products found no illegal substances and were not able to detect active ingredients that could explain the “high” they produced in users.

There are about 10 different synthetic cannabinoids that have been detected in the products, usually in some combination.

Finally, in late 2008,  colleagues in the forensic toxicology lab at the University Hospital Freiburg, Germany, found that the products contained at least two different designer drugs known as synthetic cannabinoids.

The brain is particularly rich in the CB1 cannabinoid receptor. Like THC, the active ingredient in marijuana and other forms of cannabis, these synthetic cannabinoids turn on the cannabinoid receptors found on many cells in the body.

One of these synthetic cannabinoids, was first made in 1995 for experimental purposes in the lab of Clemson University researcher John W. Huffman, PhD.

“In terms of biological activity, these things are similar to THC, the active compound in cannabis,”

More than 100 different synthetic cannabinoids have been created.  We tested seven of the Wicked herbs products and found they contained different levels, a synthetic cannabinoid.

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